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all we are is entertainment

so wrong, it’s right <3
my name is Miss Jennie Deeeee, my life is a complicated mess of events. it's beautiful, trust me. my crazy, beautiful, life. I reference song lyrics a lot, if you do too, we'll get along quite well. I love the music in my life-I dance to my own beat, sing when I want to sing, and be me. I'm a tad bit silly-I make weird noises to express myself and I have multiple derp faces so don't judge. I enjoy the people around me, but sometimes I'm annoyed so I hide away into the world of tumblr. But that's okay, right? You people understand me. You do the same, yes? Well here you go. Here's my blog. I don't know what it really is. It's a lot of my thoughts, my loves, and my passions. Have fun. I like photography. I may write a bit. Who knows? I surprise people.


Christmas Carolers ! #makinbank #camp

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